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Channel Trail starts just North of Lawrence, along side the Chicago River

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Does anyone know how far North the construction goes? I came from the South only to find out the entire Channel Trail is blocked by a construction site and arrows point South (no way around except by surface streets to the East). Here are some pics of what I saw tonight:

Construction ends just north of the Foster Ave underpass- I recall getting around the construction through the park, rather than using streets, but the config may have changed since I was there last a few weeks ago.

It may feel like two years but it's been one year with one more year to go. 

When will the construction be happening?

Work will begin in May 2016 and continue for two years. During the spring and summer of 2016, work will include setting up the construction work areas and excavating the inlet and outlet shafts. The tunneling work will start in late fall 2016 and continue through late 2017. The inlet and outlet structures will be constructed in 2017 with final construction and site restoration finishing in spring 2018.

I used the trail about 3-5 times a week back in August, 2015 and I didn't remember any construction so I Googled it. Looks like we have another year to go before it's completed.

No snarkiness is needed here.

Maybe the bicycle detour signs weren't well posted or had fallen down.  It's a little bit longer ride, but the route has been diverted to stay inside the River Park, just to the west.

Since the underpass for Foster Avenue is blocked by the construction of the tunnel there is a stop light, with a 'beg button' to cross Foster, and then a short diversion path on the north side of Foster.

Actually, north of Foster isn't part of the river; it's actually a man-made CHANNEL.  Just south of Foster, at Carmen, there's a small, shallow stream that starts out going west.  That stream is actually the Chicago River.

If you followed this stream west you'd pass through Eugene Field park, Gomper Park, and eventually wander north.

Anybody have an update on the pedestrian/cycling bridge just north of Lincoln Ave and McCormick? I haven't been up that way in a while and I'm excited to not have to cross the street bridge. Thanks!

I used the trail a few weeks ago to run to Evanston and it looked like an active construction site. The west side of the trail was blocked off, so I had to run down McCormick Blvd in order to catch up with the trail again at Devon. Not sure when it's scheduled to finish, but I'm excited for it too and hoping it'll be done soon!

Today, 6/3, I just came back from Evanston and, crossing at Devon, the detour sent me over to Kedzie to continue south.  However, there were no further directions after you started down Kedzie.

I found you could re-enter the trail by going along the fence, over the dirt, in the spot where you were formerly getting to Kedzie at Hood Street.  You had to ride around the barrier south of Peterson. 

It seems like it's going to take a while to get this Stone Bridge completed.



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