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-The Calumet-Saganashkee Trail runs 26 miles from Lemont to Burnham. 
-Miles 0 thru 14 (west segment) opened in June 2015, completion in 2017.
-Connects to Centennial Trail, Tinley Creek trail, Major Taylor Trail and Burnham Greenway. Access from 3 different Metra lines.

-Map at

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Yes. Beginning in 2015, eastern terminus is Cicero Ave.

The 2017 construction season will build Chatham Ave east to Halsted (bridge to bridge) There are 2017 lettings and late 17/early 18 construction of Halsted east to Burnham.

Finally, 2018 season will complete all by building western Blue Island/eastern Alsip spanning Cicero to Halsted. Updates generally available at

The choppy order of completion is due to the order of the grants awarded to the different communities. Thanks for your interest. Do come and visit us at the Cal-Sag Plunge on June 3rd. See

Is there an ETA of when the new Fay's Point Blue Island bridge will open on the trail? I see the new bridge spans are in place.
I don't have a date, but very soon.
What's needed is to pour the concrete bridge deck, then pave the path from Halsted to Ashland.
The morning temperatures required for laying asphalt just began last week. Still, paving must wait for the bridge to finish because the path won't support a cement truck.
I will be checking every couple days, will send an update.
Thanks for your interest, see you on the Trail.

Thanks for the update Brian.

Not technically open, but I rode this segment last Tuesday evening, after working hours.

Rode Sunday. It's a really nice new section from Ashland to Halsted. The bridge over the river is an impressive bit of infrastructure.


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