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Hello everyone,

     I was wondering if permission is needed to do a little maintenance/upkeep on an already existing Ghost Bike.  I don't want to change anything about it, just clean around it, add a new coat of paint, maybe add some flowers.  Thanks for the assistance.

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That's great, Dion. No permission needed. Just a little care not to get paint on any signage lettering.

Any bikes in particular?

Sorry for the delayed response. I spruced up the bike on Western & Logan Blvd., the one dedicated to Tyler James Fabeck. I wiped it down, repainted it as best I could (tons of rust), and added some flowers.

Thank you, Dion. That ghost bike needed some type of upkeep and care soon.
Hey Dion. Do you, or anyone else from the group know if the Tyler James Fabeck ghost bike has been 'renewed'? My CL friend 'R' has passed by the memorial recently and he said it looks improved from what it's been. Thank you, to whomever !


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