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Post here a beer-related event you'd like to attend and invite others.

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Anyone else going to FoBAB November 16th?

Nice! Afternoon or evening session?

Serge Lubomudrov said:

Yes, I am.

Adam Herstein (5.5 mi) said:

Anyone else going to FoBAB November 16th?

Not unless they have vegan pig. :-)

I've already got plans for tomorrow. But I'm definitely in favor of another trip there! I went to their brewery a few weeks ago and it was fun. Good beer, but not very much selection yet. I tried all of them and they were all good, though!

Serge Lubomudrov said:

Yeah . . . Sorry, Adam! But you can eat before (or bring your own) vegan ;)

I might.

Serge, I'd be up for a ride to Evanston.

OK.  But i sort of feel obligated to have a Sundae while I'm in Evanston.  I think Frances Willard would be spinning in her grave given the recent developments in the Evanston beer scene.

Evanston is "out of the city"... barely.

Anyone want to grab a Penrose at Monk's Wednesday after work?

"Come hang with us at Monk's Pub on Wednesday, August 6th — we'll be pouring Proto Gradus, P-2, Devoir and Desirous. We'll also be passing out Penrose glassware, brewery tour certificates and more!"

Quite the traveler lately!  :)  

I'll probably get there about 5:15 and hang out for an hour or so if anyone wants to join. 

Serge Lubomudrov said:

I'm not sure I'll be back to Chicago early enough Wednesday, if at all, otherwise . . .

Chaos Brew Club is having their Harvest Fest this Saturday. Members only but a "Friend" level membership is only $7 per month and gives you entrance to the event. 

Serge, you better finally make it out to one of these! :)

Membership Appreciation Party

CHAOS Harvest Fest IV
Sat Oct 18, 2014 • 6:00pm - 11:00pm
2417 W Hubbard St.

CHAOS Harvest Fest will feature our usual outstanding lineup of 20+ home brews and ciders. You can also learn how yeast contributes to the flavor of beer at our Yeast Lab, which will be eight SMASH beers brewed with the same recipe, but fermented by different yeast strains. We'll also have awesome raffle prizes, music, and a Thanksgiving buffet.  

All good. They have one every quarter so maybe next time. Just be forewarned I'm going to keep giving you a hard time until you make it to one! 

Hope to see a few of my fellow riders there! 


Serge Lubomudrov said:

Yeah, I know about this one, Rich, but not sure I'll be able to come this time.


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