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Anyone have any suggestions on any good waterproof and insulated shoes for winter biking? I'd like them to be versatile enough to wear off the bike as well. Looking in the $100-$150 range.

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Do you ride with clip-in pedals, straps, or neither? I have the same question but am looking for something that I can still easily slip into my current straps, or that work with a new clip-in/clip-less system. (if thats even a good idea for winter)

Last year the solution was old sneakers and the thickest wool socks I could find...

I've got pretty big platform pedals, so not clipless nor strap. But I'd prefer a boot that's not too bulky.

at that pricepoint, you can get a range of decent options that might include goretex. hiking boots always seem to do the job. a pair of ducks for them ultra sloppy days are good, but not for daily use. and warmth - whatevs - anything paired with wool socks and liners will keep feet happy. waterproofing is then the key to success

I like this boot a lot. The Velcro straps are super convenient. The only issue is that I bought them one size too big, but I didn't realize that until about a week into wearing when the padding compressed some.



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