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2013 Bike Winter Mascot/Sticker Design competition- submissions through Sept 7 midnight.

Hiya folks,

It's time to crank on the sticker design for the coming 2013 Bike Winter cycling season . . .  typically we start with a little open brainstorming, and see if we can get any new folks to come out of the woodwork and offer up drafting or design skills to make the ideas reality.


Our target date for sticker distribution is the big 15th Anniversary Chicago Critical Mass on Friday September 28th.

The deadline for submission for sticker proposals will be Friday September 7 2012, with voting taking place the week afterwards.

Lookee here for past stickers/mascots/slogans:


Go ahead and discuss away, but if you'd like to cut to the chase and design a sticker proposal, here are some considerations that will need to be taken into account:

1)These stickers eat up a sizable chunk of our hard-earned funds, and their main purpose is to be seen and read easily so that they can fulfill their function as advocacy tools- thus:

a) Proposed designs need to clearly, prominently, and legibly, at a glance, even in low light conditions, say Bike Winter 2013 (Not
Chicago Bike Winter! we have other cities that we like to support with these).      Bike Winter is two separate words.

b) Need to clearly, prominently, and legibly, at a glance, even in low light conditions, say (hint- the URL is too small on practically every initial submission).

2) Size is 1.5"X 4.25".
Can be oriented horizontally or vertically-- see sticker gallery for examples

3) Should not violate copyrights or contain elements used without permission.

4) In keeping with tradition stickers may feature a 'new' mascot and a slogan that ideally would be a corny play on words, but this is not a requirement. In keeping with tradition designs/themes should also not resemble past years' stickers but present a new look for the coming season.

5) Proposals need to be submitted in final, production-ready form by Friday September 7 2012, either by posting to the sticker/mascot thread in bikewinter group, or as an attachment sent to sent to Please try to reduce your image file to under 500k in size before posting to the bikewinter list.

6) Submissions not meeting 1 through 3 above will not be included in the voting.
Voting will take place via SurveyMonkey and will be conducted under the supervision of the Bike Winter leadership.

7) The winner will be determined by a tally of votes on Friday September 14; by submitting a design the creator hands off ownership to the Bike Winter effort and its volunteers for use in promoting the Bike Winter effort; creators agree that they will assist promptly if their design is chosen in any minor changes needed to assure visibility, compatibility with the printer's requirements, etc., and/or authorize others to make said changes.

8) Designs submitted in the past may be resubmitted with necessary updates,  but must be submitted by the original artist


Questions/comments/complaints/ideas/proposals/submissions below!

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Shouldn't it say Bike Winter 2013 ?


The current sticker says 2012.

Oops-- thanks for the catch!! Fixed!  And sorry about the extra step, Gene.

Already glad that all the e-mails and posts I put out pointed to this discussion rather than putting the (wrong) info out there...

Greg Valent said:

Shouldn't it say Bike Winter 2013 ?


The current sticker says 2012.

And FYI-- regardless of how they come to me I will post all entries to this thread at my earliest convenience, so however many entrants you see posted here is most likely how many we got.

Corrected sticker from Gene:


Any of you folks with mad graphix skillz willing to throw a tribute sticker together to the last insanely great operating system?

Here's an idea someone can feel free to appropriate:

"Bike Winter: Ice Ice Baby!"

Hi, here's my design!

Here's my design again with the update to URL~

Excellent, thanks! Love the winter bunny and the cryptic tagline. Keep 'em coming!

Here's my submission with a Narwal mascot (that must be an icicle on her snout!) Sticker background is white for snow, sno' and mo' sno!

I love this one!!!

Allison said:

Here's my design again with the update to URL~

4 submissions thus far. In previous years I think we've had 7 each time.



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