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Amazing variety this year, thanks to all.

Below are the finalists which will be included in the vote. Please let me know if any shouldn't.    Also, I don't have a way to contact some of you--this is going to be critical early next week and I would rather not go into the vote with nothing but a chainlink handle.  if we haven't already communicated off-forum, please contact me at

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That was dumb-- should have put them in top post so I could edit as needed... oh well.

Hope to have voting live by late Sunday night.

Howard:  You've done a terrific job inspiring so many people to design stickers.  And so many really good ones!  You deserve one great big pat on the back!

Looks like the voting process may play out a bit differently this year thanks to Andrew's great tool at  The number of entries changes things just a bit... leaning heavily towards having people rank their top 3 choices instead of having to pick only one.

Also-- what do folks think about leaving off contributor names on the voting site?  On the one hand, I want people to get credit for the effort they've made, but on the other, I want the strongest sticker to win and this way it has a hair less potential to be a popularity contest....  it's absolutely encouraged that people use their social networks to drum up support, as the overarching goal is to get the word out about winter cycling, but it's not guaranteed that one's weird uncle in Florida might not vote for a better sticker than the one you told him to vote for...

Fixed copy for my own use... all kinds of trouble with this one, something funky in the file info... but well worth it IMO

I like the idea of 3 finalists, but I can't figure out how to vote.  Has the voting started yet - on this page or what?

No, the voting hasn't started yet.  We're working on that now. Should be painfully clear where and how to vote.

The idea was not to have three finalists but to be able to pick/rank your top 3 as you vote.  Will be clear when you see it.



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