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Hey everybody! 

Thought I'd let you all know about a cool thing I and my Adler Planetarium colleagues are doing. From 9/18-25, I will be riding from Chicago to St Louis as a way of mapping out cosmic distance between here and the Andromeda Galaxy! Along the route, we will be stopping to do pop-up astronomy education events, free and open to all. If you know people along our way, please tell them to come by and say hi! More information and details on the route are here:

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Hey Lucianne. This sounds like an interesting event, but I wanted to ask you if there are any future Adler events planned on an evening with the 606 Trail/Exelon observation area involved. I've just recently heard news rumors but can't find any links to info. I'll keep looking, but if you have any info I would appreciate it. Thanks Lucianne, take care! Tom A. K.

hey Tom-- we have a Scopes in the City event coming up on the 606! It's the evening of September 23rd. More info and other events are on the Scopes page:


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