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[Zip-Tray] Another new kickstarter for a bicycle-related project

Be nice to industrious young James.

I actually do need a better way to transport basil to work during surplus times...

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$95 for it?  Sorry, but just no.  Hell, I could cobble something like this together with an empty milk jug...

Worst video soundtrack EVER.

Seriously thats enough to make me shoot myself, and is it a prerequisite for all kickstarter vids to be crappy art house movies. I don't need to know the inception story of the product, just show it and what it does. It took 45 sec to see the product.

notoriousDUG said:

Worst video soundtrack EVER.

This will fail, because it has no smartphone integration. Doesn't he know that smart phone integration is the #1 rule for successful kickstarter campaigns? Example of what is required: It will alert your smartphone if the flowers run out of water.

Duppie said:

 It will alert your smartphone if the flowers run out of water.

This person really does not know how to run a successful kickstarter campaign.  $65 for a waterbottle, with $5 shipping?  What?

Also I'd be afraid of hitting a big bump or something, and having my keys fall out.

It is cute, though.  I'd probably pay $20 for one.

So, it sounds like I probably don't want to alert the kid to this thread?

notoriousDUG said:

Worst video soundtrack EVER.

Don't know dug, I was digging the tunes.

While I would love for a good way to transport flowers home on my bike, $95 seems a bit steep.

Also, that video hurts my ears.



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