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Hi Y'all!  My brother and I are a band called Zigtebra and we are debuting a musical about the theft of my Red Pony.  My red Univega Arrowspeed was stolen right before we went on tour in August... :(  While we were away we wrote some new songs about it and are having a super special night of music (aka a house party with bands) at The Coulter Lounge in Pilsen.  The Coulter Lounge is an underground venue at 2065 Coulter (intersection of 24th and Coulter).  We're doing a brief musical followed by some of our other stuff.  MAJOR BONUS, Luna Moth from Oklahoma is on tour and is playing too!  Donation only show, goes to the touring band.  We'll have free beer for everyone who arrives at a godly hour.  Please come, I'd love to meet you!!!

The music is an unknown artist's cover of a Godzilla theme from 1955.  :)  We just used it because it nicely describes the feeling of bike loss.  Our music is kinda different!  You can listen to some under the bandcamp tab (say's "bc") here: 

Enjoy the video!

RSVP to the FB event:

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That was a fun minute...      



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