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Your recommendations — a shop with experience in BB30 pressed in bearings

Greetings Chainlinkers,


Wondering if you have a recommendation for a bike shop in the city with experience in dealing with BB30 pressed in bearings on road bikes? One of my customers brought back a Fuji ACR 3.0 with FSA Gossamer cranks and a BB30 bottom bracket that is making clicking sounds when pedaled uphill or under load. Fuji is telling me to deal with FSA, and FSA is telling me to deal with Fuji, and neither are being helpful, frankly. I need help determining the problem so I can resolve this issue for my customer. Bonus points for an actual Fuji dealer, but the experience part is the priority.


Your suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Yojimbo's or Smithy. Both fully capable and both Fuji dealers.
Thanks, J!


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