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Young biker, if I may ask, why do you put your lock in your belt and why are your keys dangling off your backpack?

Is there no where else to stow your lock? Is in your back pocket or pinched in your belt really the only place it can be?

Any whats with your whole set of keys out in the open dangling off your pack? Could it not get caught on anything? What if you lose them? You remind me of the kids in HS who just HAD to let you know they had a car by always flipping their keys around.

Yes please do ride but with your no break fixies, the lock, the keys and the beard your making me feel old and I'm really not all that old.

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it says J.W. but I think you are really "W"

Quick access and unfortunately, for self defence. Have had run ins with punks having way too much of an interest with my bike and my ability to whip out my lock and take a stand was a great deterrent. Even though other times I just sped off, those few instances were inevitable.


I purchased one of those German made folding locks. I mounted it under my down tube closest to the crank. It puts the weight very low and also is out of the way.

(Fuzzy, tight crop of a photo)

awesome! this is the new accepted anti-cool method


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