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Young biker, if I may ask, why do you put your lock in your belt and why are your keys dangling off your backpack?

Is there no where else to stow your lock? Is in your back pocket or pinched in your belt really the only place it can be?

Any whats with your whole set of keys out in the open dangling off your pack? Could it not get caught on anything? What if you lose them? You remind me of the kids in HS who just HAD to let you know they had a car by always flipping their keys around.

Yes please do ride but with your no break fixies, the lock, the keys and the beard your making me feel old and I'm really not all that old.

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Putting your lock on your handle bars, if you have any brakes or shifters on it, is a terrible idea and not exactly great for your bike.  It also leaves you lock somewhere it can shift around and get wedged somewhere or effect the functionality of your brake/shift cables.

The amount of damage I have seen to cable housing and brake levers and shifters from locks is pretty significant.

I never did this before, but I'll try it tonight, if only to spite the haters in this thread.


Perceived "look at me" motivation is a non-issue.  You could say that about anybody who wears anything other than the least expensive functional clothing, who rides anything but the least expensive bike, etc.  Remove the plank from your own eye first.

Been doing this for a week now, and it works great!  Thanks for the idea, OP.

It really depends on the bike I'm riding at the moment, and how it is set up.

Those lock clamps that come with most U-locks pretty much suck.  They get loose and move around, and are cheesy.  All the ones I've had that come with th locks either weigh a lot more than they should, don't want to tighten down securely, or seem like they will damage the tubing on my bike.   They also waste a ton of space on the triangle that I'd rather use for water bottles, pumps, and/or putting my bike on my shoulder through the frame.

Also noise.  They rattle around something fierce.  I put a lot of work into my bikes so that they make almost no noise other than the tires snicking over the pavement.  The last thing I want is my lock jiggling around making noise and annoying the living hell out of me. Even if the clamp holds a U-lock securely the shackle and main cylinder of the lock rattle around against each other.  I can't have this ruining my enjoyment.

When I'm on my CX bike I carry my lock on my belt if I'm wearing street clothes that have a belt.  I don't want some cheesy clamp on my bike for all the reasons above.  

I don't care how and where you carry your lock, and if you care that much about where I carry mine I can make a suggestion where you can put your own. 

Old is good. Feel old and love it. It's an accomplishment. Yes, it's true no one will think you are "cool" (or hip) if you are old. Even other "old" people. That's because when you realize the truth about trendiness you are little more free and closer to finding your real self.

Ahhh, the Zen of pants and U locks. I knew someone would crystallize a profound, metaphysical truth here.

I feel much better now, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna start tucking my U lock under my belt, even if it does look cool. This will take much time to digest, sensei.

oh wait, no,  I think I was misunderstood you should find the truth about trendiness to be that it is limiting and forms you to a cookie cutter version of an idea of a human but not really human at all. The true human is at one with the universe and yet a unique entity in his own-right....

My point is you should definitely NOT put your u-lock in you belt (anywhere but there).

umm Grasshopper

Hmmmm, I must retire to my SpaceTime tank and meditate deeply upon these thoughts, Irvin san.

The cool clip on that I've welded onto my U Lock makes it easy to fasten it to just about anything, which may come in handy to counteract my buoyancy as I'm floating in the tank. Belts aside, that is.

Now, about those cookies....

and its all grey hair too

Actually, I have found that the older I get, the more people (young and old) are amazed that I ride a bike at all!

I read an article once where a woman said that men, in general, are more in touch with their inner child. But I think she got it backwards, my outer adult never really matured.

Hmmm, maybe its time I got my mullet trimmed.


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