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1) You put on your jeans and they already have the right leg rolled up.


2) You do laundry when you don't have any more clean bike shorts.







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You memorize Chicago streets by their potholes, THEN names.

You visibly wince when you see a spoke-protector.

You wake up in the middle of the night admonishing dream cars to use their &%$#*& turn signal.

As a passenger in a cab you have passionately argued with the driver about the rights of cyclists.

You've removed frozen pizzas from their box to make the groceries fit in your rack basket.

You've stopped a netflix movie to go back and see what kind of bike that was.

The sight of somebody's bike leaned against their cube on your first day of work at the new job confirms that you've made the right choice. Who cares what the job is, you can bring your bike inside.

I've since met two people in my department who ride to work and who've given me great tips: cyclists rock!

Is there more to this series?

Serge Lubomudrov said:

It looks like a hotel room so you never know.

h' said:

Is there more to this series?

Serge Lubomudrov said:

Your spouse has to pull you away from a heated discussion at a dinner party in which some guy is trying to get you to agree that when a cab is pulled over in the bike lane, it’s not the bicyclist’s right to go around the cab in the travel lane, but instead we’re supposed to stop and wait until the bike lane is clear again, because we’re “privileged” to be on the road. Sheesh.

Wait for the cab?  Really?  I mean Really?

You hit a pothole and apologize to your bike. 

...permanent grease marks on your favorite jeans' right leg abnormally strong opinion on how bikes should be parked at bike racks tool and front/rear lights in every bag and purse

...mental map of every LBS in a 2-mile radius as you are riding anywhere in the city (who needs smartphones?)

You have more bike lock keys on your key ring than house keys.

and here i thought those were wrinkles..
Kocicka said:

16) you're getting a semi-permanent bike helmet crease on forehead


I run in to this all the time.
Julie Hochstadter said:

You wonder if you could date someone who doesn't cycle.


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