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1) You put on your jeans and they already have the right leg rolled up.


2) You do laundry when you don't have any more clean bike shorts.







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You want to share your love of biking with everyone you meet.


Dr. Doom said:

When you're tanned all over except for your hands, which are really tanned in some parts and really not tanned in others. (Extra points if you have tanned circles the size of air vents on your head.)

When you're happy to have worn holes in your fancy wool socks, because now you have arm warmers.

When you have water bottles around that your kids know never, ever to drink out of because they permanently smell of some kind of foul energy drink powder.

When you frequently wear shoes that cost more than everything else you have on put together.

When you keep a spare supply of orange traffic cones in your basement so you can mark off really big potholes in your neighborhood.

The strange feeling you get when leaving the house without your ride.

You tell your new employer during the interview you need Friday nights off for Mass...I did this and around the work place they think I am a devout Catholic, who thinks it's Critical to attend Mass the last friday of the month. (true story)

You check into Chainlink before launching any work-related software in the morning after arriving at the office.


Your husband points out that he calls it the "laundry room" while you call it the "bike room".


When walking in heavy pedestrian traffic in the Loop, you reflexively make a hand signal when trying to turn left.

You're disappointed that the snow might be gone,this afternoon, before you can get outside for the first snow of the season.

Oh wow, that's so me

Julie Hochstadter said:
You have guest bikes.

-you always find yourself turning off bike lights that are left on :)

You use the term "cager".

You lament the loss of efficiency when riding without hard soled shoes.

You can bike in a straight line even when you can't walk one.

When you know where the publicly displayed clocks are on your commute.

The winter helmet is a minimum of one size to large, so two knit hats will fit under it.  

Co-workers claim they can moon dance in the washroom, when you finish.  Due to talcum powder on the floor.

When there is a lack of heat outside, you'll claim how brisk it is, COLD never!


I can fully relate. I got T-boned by a car 3 weeks ago, and my bike and helmet were totalled. Though I was mostly intact, I've had to walk and take public transit to get around even in Evanston where I normally bike everywhere.

And I've been put on a precautionary 3-week hiatus from biking for fear of second-impact syndrome. Even though I didn't have a grand-mal concussion...

"16) When your bike is in the shop because you got in an accident, you are forced to take public transportation to work every day and you feel anxious with this disruption in your life. Oh, and people at work don't understand."

16) when you time your flat fixes and changes...(that was my all-time record)!!!!




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