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1) You put on your jeans and they already have the right leg rolled up.


2) You do laundry when you don't have any more clean bike shorts.







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Cows are vegetarians...
You will only go to a restaurant if you know you can watch your bike from inside.
you frequently walk around with grease on your hands and legs and not know it.

When you go to a garage sale and see 3 old wheels sitting there (all with alloy rims, no less) and they look mostly salvagable for $1 each.  You know you are a cyclist/mechanic/rebuilder when you buy them without even looking to see what size they are (2 were 700c and one was 27" upon later inspection). or care too much about general condition.


Heck, the tubes were worth the price and the tires are all in OK shape.  One had a deep V Mavic rim (700) and all 3 had SS spokes.  Not a bad deal.  I'll probably end up breaking them down into components.  The coaster hub on one of them is probably going into a project someday.  


3 more wheels to hang in the garage for future builds.  Time to start trolling CL for cheap framesets ;)


Even if they were steel rims without the tires/tubes I'd probably have paid $1 each for them without flinching.

 The only time you have to look for parking is the Hideout block party.
16) When your bike is in the shop because you got in an accident, you are forced to take public transportation to work every day and you feel anxious with this disruption in your life. Oh, and people at work don't understand.
17) when you have 3  or more bikes so #16 doesn't ever have to happen to you.
18) exept when they are all in some state of repair so they are not ridable (safely)
19)  #18 is an excuse to take a day off for wrenching on bikes.  What is better than wrenching on bikes?  Often wrenching on bikes is just as fun as riding them.
when, after you hit a pot hole or get hit by a car, you check to see if your bike is ok before you check to see if you're ok.

You scare your new roommate when you walk in and she thinks you are the police since you still have your red flashy light on.

You want to share your love of biking with everyone you meet.


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