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23.4 after the Weather Be Damned ride. extrapolation for 2021: 8541!

Bob Kastigar you did the same thing as last year?

i'm open to someone else starting this thread, but the proper title isn't title case and isn't a question. :-)

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1662 outdoor miles

Impressive.  You must have a fat bike or have a place in the south.

Nah. Just a messenger.

A mere 110.8 miles on the road in February brings me to 322.4 road miles y-t-d. Trailing Curt(is)2020 by 500 miles.

Only 70 for February for a total of 312 outdoor miles. 

502.3 after Third Step Ride. extrapolation for 2021 down to 2107.4.

how would you say miles on an electric divvy ("divv-e") compare to those on a regular one?

1009 outdoor miles ytd 

1206.0 miles cycled in 2021 after 418.8 miles (365.2 outdoor / 53.6 indoor) in March.
536 consecutive days cycled since 10/13/2019!

The mileage is impressive, but the consecutive days is flabbergasting! Bravo!

Strong start to the year, with 250 miles the first two weeks in January but then sidelined for six weeks with a back injury. Back into it in March and I’m up to 823 miles on the year.

2584 outdoor miles


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