23.4 after the Weather Be Damned ride. extrapolation for 2021: 8541!

Bob Kastigar you did the same thing as last year?

i'm open to someone else starting this thread, but the proper title isn't title case and isn't a question. :-)

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two lessons i learned on the north branch trail yesterday:

  1. riding uphill in snow / on ice is tough
  2. what looks like snow on asphalt trail can actually be snow on ice on asphalt trail :-/

106.3 after ride to pfizer shot 1. i got hailed on by McCormick, then as i approached olive-harvey the sun came out. symbolic :-) be prepared if your route ever includes stony island & 103rd :-O on my way back i ended up on the wrong / pedestrian side, but that took me to the white bridge, my favorite, which took me to king, 3 days early, but still.

Glad to hear that you got your first shot, Bob.

thanks, how about you?

NO idea as to when/where I would be in the queue. I am too "young" still (which is an increasingly ridiculous thing for me to say), and I am not an "essential worker." As a care-giver I would think I should be protected, if for no other reason than wife is auto-immune compromised due to her current "therapies", but I have no clear guidance on that matter. Time to reach out to my primary care provider and hope for some answer in a day or two via MyChart.

This is truly an EXCITING time to be alive!

259.8 after 16th Annual January Three Floyds Brewpub (and First Step) Ride. extrapolation for 2021: 3160.9.

With the end of Janus, the lack of indoor spinning, my wife's health in crisis, my experiencing an assault by my upstairs neighbor, and a 2,000 mile car trip to the East Coast to deposit my sons safely back to campus, I rolled a mere 211.6 road miles. Is THIS year over yet?? My hot tub time machine is broke, but can we fast forward to 2022? My goals for 2021 are survival -- I am dead serious. 

your wife's a trooper. why can't you indoor spin? what are your neighbors doing to you?

i rode farther than you last month?? :-O

The last two winters I enjoyed a gym membership at UofC. There is NO going to the gym now, for me. I can not bring home the virus -- it would be a certain death sentence for my wife. She is already spending her entire days in bed. Yes, she is as tough as anyone I have ever personally known. But this cancer is pervasive and relentless. Watching her in constant pain and discomfort and witnessing her lose her will and resolve is pretty devastating.  The utter helpless is obvious. As her "care-giver" I can do practically nothing to help, and my long-time "reliance" (leaning / dependency) on her for financial & household management certainly adds to my "anxieties."

And, oh yeah, there's the isolation -- perhaps you've heard people complaining about this a bit lately?

As to my neighbor, it was actually an assault & battery -- he knocked me down a few stairs and then rained a rage of fists upon me. There is a looong history of animus here, but it now has exploded into violence. I have little choice now but to lawyer up, dedicating too much of my already taxed mental energy and, of course, financial resources to "counter-punching", if you will. He would like to force me to move, or at least make it VERY difficult for me to continue living here. Moving now would kill my wife. So THAT is NOT happening.

So, me getting on a bike has been a lower priority. Sure, I could track down and set up an indoor trainer, but I don't currently have the motivation. There are times when it is appropriate to have down time, and I am down. If and when I ride, I will ride outdoors.

whoa curt(is). serious shit.

downtime doesn't mean time feeling down. don't be isolated. join us for the Second Step Ride?

fuck the asshole. stay strong. and keep giving care.

btw love the new pic.

Actually, in this case down time DOES mean time feeling / falling down. I am bloody depressed -- far, far beyond your garden variety Seasonal Affective Disorder melancholy. I was already hitting the wall in December, before the current shit hit the fan. It's a natural response to the traumas I am currently experiencing. 

Stay strong?! I know you mean well, but it reads as one of the countless tired platitudes. "Stay strong, and life will still knock the shit out of you" is my take. Or as I like to say "What doesn't kill you, makes you permanently walk funny." Which IS funny, to add insult to injury (or is it injury to insult?), as I have suddenly developed a surprisingly painful inflammation in my right foot (self-diagnosis: bunion.) So, who's walking funny now?!


serious, even short of bloody, depression, even when a natural response to trauma, calls for serious treatment. staying strong doesn't mean never falling down, but always getting back up. hope things get better curt(is).


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