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23.4 after the Weather Be Damned ride. extrapolation for 2021: 8541!

Bob Kastigar you did the same thing as last year?

i'm open to someone else starting this thread, but the proper title isn't title case and isn't a question. :-)

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two lessons i learned on the north branch trail yesterday:

  1. riding uphill in snow / on ice is tough
  2. what looks like snow on asphalt trail can actually be snow on ice on asphalt trail :-/

106.3 after ride to pfizer shot 1. i got hailed on by McCormick, then as i approached olive-harvey the sun came out. symbolic :-) be prepared if your route ever includes stony island & 103rd :-O on my way back i ended up on the wrong / pedestrian side, but that took me to the white bridge, my favorite, which took me to king, 3 days early, but still.


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