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I need to find ONE VERY SPECIFIC D-C brake adjuster as shown in the photo below (the one on the right). I'll gladly buy or trade for it, and will take a whole caliper if you don't happen to have one of these adjusters loose in your parts bin. 

It's off mid 80s D-C calipers, specifically the New Gran Compe and Aero Gran Compe and probably the Suntour Superbe Pros, which they made, as well.  

Please don't tell me what a reasonable substitute for it would be, how Shimano is better than D-C, why this is a lousy design, and so on and so on.  Not really interested in discussing any of that, just want one of these adjusters.


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I looked through my SunTour stuff to see what matched.  Left to right is Cyclone Mk II, grey anodized Sprint, hidden spring Superbe Pro.  Looks like the Superbe Pro has the right shape.  All have the same diameter and flat, so all would work the same.

You might check Bicyclist's Retreat, they have a lot of NOS SunTour.   If you come up with a source for any of them let me know.  I'm missing one of the Cyclones and one of the Sprints, but any of them would be fine. 

Thanks, Mark!  I think I have solved the issue, but will check Bicyclists' Retreat just for info.  As it happens, the second one in the photo is likely going to be okay.  It is (probably) from a Shimano 600 caliper, slightly different metal color, very slightly different shape/dimensions.  But as it and the D-C one were clones of Campy Super Record, they are functionally the same and close enough in looks.

(This is not for me by the way, though I am certainly capable of being this obsessive.)

BTW have you seen what the Superbe Pro 'hidden spring' brakes go for on eBay?  Not the NOS ones with silly starting bids that never sell, but actual completed auctions?   I have some other Superbe Pro stuff but no brakes...let me know if you have a garage sale or go to Madison for the Winter Swap!

I checked my 600 (6208) bike.  Its adjuster is more like the Superbe Pro than the Sprint.  The 600 is flat on the bottom of the cable housing section, not tapered like Cyclone and Sprint.  Didn't get around to checking Campagnolo. 


Recent used Superbe Pro calipers have gone from $120 to $185 shipped.  There was a NOS pair with levers that sold for over $400.  That was an actual sale, at least as far as appearances.  You never know, might have "sold" to the seller with another account.

I've been trying to put together a nice late SP group for years.  I'm still lacking the right brake levers, but have decent Sprint and DiaCompe.  Also lacking the right shifters, but have Sprint and Accushift 7 barcons.  I loaned my crank to a friend and it came back all beat up.  He wanted to change the inner ring, didn't have a crank puller and beat it off with a screwdriver and hammer.  He didn't realized you don't need to pull the arm to change the ring.....  I have a NOS left 172.5 arm if you happen to come across a nice drive side. 

I go to Madison every year.  Last year I didn't see much SunTour at all, but obviously anything can show up.  Last year was notable for some great deals on NOS vintage rims.  Let me know what you need, I'll keep an eye open for it.  I found my calipers on another bike forum.  If I see another pair I'll let you know.  I don't want another pair - putting one group together is challenging enough. 



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