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WTB - 54cm single speed (working, complete bike w/ brakes)

My wife recently got a new gig and will have to head out to Lake Forest via Metra once a week.  She needs a beater-ish bike that she won't sweat leaving locked up at a Metra station on those days (particularly if it is raining or snowing) and won't cry over (too much) if it disappears one day.  It's not an option to ride from her destination Metra stop to her workplace.

As the kind folks at West Town Bikes and Smart Bike Parts can attest, we're pretty terrible with wrenches beyond the basics and thus would like to find something more or less ready to ride.  Our budget for this doesn't go past $200 unless I become convinced we're chasing a Unicorn.

We're well aware of Working Bikes and Craigslist, but preference is to buy from someone on the Chainlink.

Thanks for reading and don't hesitate to email with any questions or post them here.

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My Fiancee has an old schwinn cruiser with fenders we're looking to get rid of (we're moving to PA and it's going to be way too hilly).  It's a 5 speed but its complete with fenders and brakes.   It's a bit heavy and a bit of a wobble in the rear wheel (which I think can be easily fixed with some spoke adjustments).  If you want more details I've sent you a friend request.  

Thanks, I checked out your message---good looking bike!  Unfortunately, it's not right for us---we're really set on a single speed.  Whatever we end up with is going to be left exposed to the elements for hours on end and we're looking to minimize maintenance needs/keep repairs cheap.

Good luck with the move!

I build bikes for people and I recently sold a beaterish 53cm fully rebuilt bike to a guy who is ultimately looking for something nicer. Its beaterish because its a free spirit frame with a few small rust spots, but still lugged steel. I've already found another nice frame the same size, and I expect he might want to sell the first bike on and upgrade to the second. The first bike has a new chain, freewheel, tires, cross top brake levers, brake cables, bar tape, trued wheels, proplerly redished rear wheel, and freshly rebuilt bearings as of a couple weeks ago. I would take another look before passing it on. I think the price would be around $220-$230, because the parts are good and the work done on it adds value. I'd also have to check with him and make sure he likes the new frame I found and is ready to sell.

Messaged you, krems81.


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