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Traffic 'round these parts dropped off pretty dramatically a few weeks ago... hard to tell from the "I rode today" thread who's still riding, as one would have to conclude that Gene is the only one out there most days by reading it....

Who's sticking it out and plans to continue to ride pretty much every day regardless of weather?

(Was winter 2013;   2014 starts on p. 36;   2015 starts on p. 61)


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Hahaha! Thanks for that, Tom. Luckily I had put my coffee down before I read that! I was looking over the pictures I took and saw Kye Martin holding a microphone... missed my chance for those 15 seconds. :-/


EDIT: another image of my "Winter" bike fraternizing with a C-Ti road bike. :-)
Thomas Bruzan said:

folding bike badassery

I am still holding out hope for Winter 2015.


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