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Traffic 'round these parts dropped off pretty dramatically a few weeks ago... hard to tell from the "I rode today" thread who's still riding, as one would have to conclude that Gene is the only one out there most days by reading it....

Who's sticking it out and plans to continue to ride pretty much every day regardless of weather?

(Was winter 2013;   2014 starts on p. 36;   2015 starts on p. 61)


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I got these vented-with-small-holes safety goggles for $2.99 last night at my local hardware store and wore them on this morning's commute. Other than looking like a chemistry nerd, they worked OK. No more tears. Minor fogging when I stopped for lights or taking photos, but that went away while riding or quicker by lifting them outward for a few seconds when riding. I will add some anti-fog fluid to them tonight and give another test ride in tomorrow's snow.

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Disclaimer: By god I mean a regular person and by insects I mean other 9-5 office workers but those that commute by car :)

(Also, I think it was a little above 10 degrees this morning (12/16/13) but I memed this up last week when it was around 2 degrees on a morning commute.)

Whats the word on the road conditions N. of Diversey on Milwaukee to Lawrence?  Or Elston?  I'd like to ride but there is no clear area for bikes on Lawrence W of Milwaukee. If Milwaukee or Elston corridor is clear I'd suffer for a few miles to reach one of them.

Any input from the last 10 days would be appreciated!

I don't know if this will be helpful since we had all of that snow on Saturday, but the Amlings ride on Friday was on Elston southeast bound between Milwaukee and Irving.  Elston bike lane was not bad especially toward the travel lane. 

That does help, thanks


As of 5:30-6p 12/16 things are pretty crappy.  I rode Dearborn from Washington to Walton and then Clark to Schiller then hopped the bus.  Bike lane on Dearborn was covered but ridable; car lanes were ok until I got on Clark, which was pretty bad until North.  The car lanes on Clark were ok from North to Wrigleyville, but then got bad again.  Wilson was terrible.

Be careful out there

I was fortunate enough to leave work at 4:30, only a short time after the snow's arrival.  The main roads were fine but anything not in the lane or on a side road deserved some caution as it was slick.  Overall it was not too bad on a Divvy bike at the time, but I was early and conditions could only have worsened.

Any morning ride reports? Considering whether to Divvy northbound toward North Center around 6:30 tonight.

Roads were clear of ice and slushy(salt slush) . Only caught a bit of a slide on one portion of the Elston Lane but I saw it coming.

LFP was clear north of North (plowed and heavily salted), but unplowed to the south.  South of North Ave was still ride-able, just exercise some caution.  The streets downtown were mostly cleared of ice and slush.

Riding up Wells last night I saw an ambulance parked on Wells just south of Schiller. It seemed someone had been loaded into the ambulance, and there was a "civilian" (i.e. non-medical person) standing at the back of the ambulance and holding a bike. He was talking to one of the emergency responders. I don't know whether the accident was cycling-related, but I post here in case anyone saw or heard anything.

I stayed on the train all the way to Union Station this morning because I suspected the side streets I usually ride on would not be plowed. I went west on Adams to Racine, then south to Taylor then west to Polk and Paulina. There was a lot of slush, but I had pretty good traction with the studded tires. No falls. Can't say the same for the only other cyclist I saw today... I was about a block behind him and saw him wipe out twice.





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