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Traffic 'round these parts dropped off pretty dramatically a few weeks ago... hard to tell from the "I rode today" thread who's still riding, as one would have to conclude that Gene is the only one out there most days by reading it....

Who's sticking it out and plans to continue to ride pretty much every day regardless of weather?

(Was winter 2013;   2014 starts on p. 36;   2015 starts on p. 61)


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My heat wasn't working well at home, so this morning I woke up cold and lazy to ride, so I cabbed it to work today.

Smartwool liners + lobster claws = toasty warm hands!  Also loving the snowboarding pants I picked up at the REI fall sale.

Did some errands this morning and it was so nice to have the sun "on"! I got warm quick. Streets were great except the corner iced-over puddles. Riding downtown later will be the real test!

I rode this morning, it was beautiful. I ride everyday that I can, it makes me very happy.

Oddly I saw two bike commuters this AM- one on Cermak and one on Washtenaw-- I think the most I've ever seen was 3 even in summertime.

Lisa Curcio 4.0 mi said:

Troops were a little thin this morning! 

This thread reads like one of those sites where they compile autocorrect errors :-)

Commuted today and it was much "warmer" than I expected given the temp in the low teens.  Big thanks to the no/minimal wind!!!!  Also, the streets were great - no frozen puddles or salt on my route.

I rode last yesterday/last night and that West wind combined with 15 degrees...eyes watering and realizing why people wear Balaclavas.

All winter long, baby!

There was a group of us on Wells this morning - prob about 5

Dinna see anyone else on my way to O'Hare this morning, but I was running late. 

I rode and fell on ice cause had to get around a truck that was going to crush me between a parked car and his dump truck.  got my new wraps scuffed and its the first fall from my new bike that i named Harley Quinn.  Still a little on edge cause of it though.



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