Traffic 'round these parts dropped off pretty dramatically a few weeks ago... hard to tell from the "I rode today" thread who's still riding, as one would have to conclude that Gene is the only one out there most days by reading it....

Who's sticking it out and plans to continue to ride pretty much every day regardless of weather?

(Was winter 2013;   2014 starts on p. 36;   2015 starts on p. 61)


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I know I probably will. Since driving to work adds a solid hour or more to my day versus bike/metra, riding is my inspiration to have an extra hour or more to myself. 

Last winter was my first bike winter. Yes, I know we were spoiled due to super nice weather, but I'm even more mentally prepared and I have a host of garments ready to roll. 

I think it was last Friday night (or maybe the one before) that I was finally able to ride the LFP with nary another soul in sight. Much more enjoyable than the summer.

Well I'll probably still need to get to places over the winter, so, 

Still at it. Plan to keep on... my cutoff temp is usually 20, and sleet/deep snow can keep me off a day or so until the streets are cleared, but so far this year i've only not ridden to work about 5 days since new years. A big part of the motivation is that i absolutely HATE driving and parking in the city.

Still kicking and alive. I went south this morning and made some sharp right turn and the wind picked up my wheels and I landed on my right shoulder. Pretty embarrassing, more than anything.

This will be my first "bike winter", but I am going to keep at it just as much and as long as I can.  Thanks to all of you I have accumulated layers, a winter helmet, different boots, and the ski goggles are on the way.  Could have done without the wind, though, on my ride this morning to get my hair cut.  I wasn't cold (love those layers) but it almost knocked me over a couple of times and I ended up stopping twice to let a gust die down!

Oh yeah, no snow or ice.  I am too old to fall ;-).  Since we really don't get that many days when the main streets aren't cleared, I don't think I will miss too many days.

I ride all winter long I have snow tires with studds. I bike from Evanston to downtown. I avoid the path on windy days. I have learned that you don't need a lot of clothing. I buy most my stuff from marshalls etc.

I recommend you carry and extra layer & food! GU etc.


I have been winter riding for 4 years and love it!

Plan to ride all winter even if only on weekends!

This will be my first bike winter too and I'm very much looking forward to it.  I've had only a handful of days off the bike since the beginning of March and I don't intend to lose many more.  That being said, ice will probably be my only foil.

Sunday morning EBC ride meets at Panera Bread during winter season. 9a.m. casual to moderate pace.

I put the latest Bike Winter sticker on today, so I'm committed. Can't remember whether this is my 3rd or 4th winter commuting, but I do remember starting out one morning when it was 3 degrees!

No, Jennifer. It sounds like you have paid yer dues, so keep going & be safe!

Jennifer said:

This will be my first bike winter since my crash last bike winter, which incidentally was my first bike winter since I was laid off the previous autumn. Does that make me a rookie all over again?

Like Jim S., I'm still riding after having ridden through my first winter a year ago. Yes, last winter was a gentle introduction, but, I too, had bought garments (fleece leggings and face masks from Sierra Trading Post) and am ready to keep riding. It's exciting! Two years ago, I would have given you an incredulous look if you told me I'd keep riding through the winter. 

That said, I don't have snow tires, and if the streets are very icy or there's a blizzard with piercingly cold wind, I won't feel like I am selling my soul if I take public transportation. 


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