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Wind Advisory for Chicago Until 9 tonight


20 - 30 mph? Hmm. I conveniently need to be in the car today to pick up a rather large mirror, so I won't be cycling. Be careful everyone who is riding today- as the tail wind may be grand, but the headwind sounds like hell- and I won't even go into what a 45mph crosswind gust might feel like.

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I took the bus today.  Yesterday it was really windy on the ride home, and the forecast today made it sound even worse.  Dark, windy, and raining isn't fun.  Then again, neither is the #8 bus.

Ha ha ha...thanks, Gin!  I've only done it once so far, so we'll see how it goes.  Gotta start slowly and work my way up.  I'm not sure if I'll get to the point where I'll do it every day, but I'd like to do it at least 2-3 times a week this summer.  


It would help if the weather were decent...if it doesn't rain, I'm going to try again on Monday.

Gin said:

Shay--I am impressed. I think 15 miles is a long way to ride to work even in still, mild weather. I am more of a 1/2 to five miler. Not that I can't/won't do longer rides, but not for routine trips.


LFP was windy but ridable. Heck, I prefered today to yesterdays direct headwind.
Hmmm . . . Did you ride south?

envane x said:
LFP was windy but ridable. Heck, I prefered today to yesterdays direct headwind.
I rode the lakefront  path 2x today, this morning I rode to the golf course and back(not sure how far south it is, like 79th) and then again later to the pier and back. wind was a lot easier to deal with from the side then straight on. It did rain on my way home from the pier.
I rode north. Since the LFP is north-north-east I had a slight tailwind.I had a slight tailwind.

      My ride East, then South, this morning wasnt all that bad. The wind wasnt really up yet.  Coming home this evening just after five PM was wet, but I was kitted out in all my rain gear so I stayed bone dry and warm. The tail wind I was lucky to have was a great boon. I love it when the wind is out of the East.

But it comes with a price, usually the East wind brings rain and hard weather.

The wind let up quite a bit when it started pouring about 8:30 pm.

Heading East this Morning=sloooow the Westbound trip I shoulda had a sail.

Plus I'm new to the "fixie" world and a head wind is not ever your friend but with one gear=leg burn.

news just reported that the wind advisory was cancelled. Wasn't to bad on the road. thought riding yesterday was worse.
anyone has pics from today (Friday) on the LFP? Apparently some giant waves near Oak/North Ave?

I didn't ride today but Thursday the ride back up north was terrible. I felt like I riding stationary...



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