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The Chicago Humanities Festival supports people who bike!  Chainlinkers are invited to win tickets to Velo Theater's The Postman. We have ten (10) pairs of tickets to give away! 

This play is recommended for the young and young-at-heart.

To win, simply reply to this thread in the space below.  We want to know: what keeps YOU biking in Chicagoland?  Share your answer with The Chainlink.

The first 10 Chainlink members to respond will win a pair of tickets (yes, that's 2).  Please include your preferred showtime and your full name.  Tickets will be held at will call.  

Both performances will take place at the Museum of Contemporary Art - 220 East Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611.



Program 105 on Thursday, May 3rd at 7:00 PM (5 winners)

Program 201 on Saturday, May 5th at 11:00 AM (5 winners)


Chicago Humanities Festival presents Vélo Théâtre's The Postman

Laden with letters and packages to deliver, a postman sets out on his bicycle. Opening one of the packages, he discovers a fantastic and magical world inside. One package — and adventure — leads to another in this wordless play, a living postcard full of imagination, humor, and the wonder of discovery. France’s Vélo Théâtre returns to Stages, Sights & Sounds after performing There’s a Rabbit in the Moon in the 2010 festival. 

This performance is recommended for ages 4 and up. Running time is 60 minutes.

Cycling yields many benefits.  Nice calves, happy commutes, low travel costs.  And now, special offers via The Chainlink.  Check back here soon for more exclusive perks for members of our community.  See you in the bike lane!  

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I'm interested in the May 5th tickets!  Elizabeth Bartom.

I'd love a set for May 3rd! Thanks!

Me too for May 3rd, please!

David Gebhart

MCA Lover!

Awesome! 3 more pairs for may 3rd and 4 pairs left for may 5th.

What keeps me biking in Chicagoland?

I would have to say ...

All the great Folks I have met through the !

We'd love a second pair for the 5th, if there aren't enough other takers.

The 5th would be cool (Jim Presley)...and why isn't anyone else answering the question?...

S.Presley said:

What keeps me biking in Chicagoland?

I would have to say ...

All the great Folks I have met through the !

Oh!  My poor reading comprehension, apparently.  

The kids keep us biking in Chicago!  And that I hate hunting or paying for parking.

Do you have any more for May 5th? Thanks for doing this. What keep me riding?

My kid, like Elizabeth said above. Also, it's often the fastest, cheapest and most pleasant way to get around. And, because I hope to encourage others by example.

I bike because it's the closest thing to flying.  It makes the every journey as fun as the destination.  

This postman demonstrates that biking to work is the most effective way to commute:

(I can't make the play, but enjoy!)


As of 10:30 this morning: 

May 3rd

Karen Gilbert

David Gebhart

2 Tickets Available

2 Tickets Available

2 Tickets Available

May 5th

Elizabeth Barton

Jim Presley

Gin Kilgore

2 Tickets Available

2 Tickets Available

What keeps me biking in Chicago? Besides the bikey happiness and convenience, it's the biking lanes--especially the one on Damen. :-)

(I have to pass on the tickets because I can't make it any of the nights.)


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