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I was curious if anyone knew if the new Elston protected bike lanes will be repaved?

It's nice to have the separation, but it's a bit rough. Just curious if resurfacing was part of the initiative. 

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I would just be happy with them cleaning the bike lane on Elston once in a while.

YES. So much crap collecting in those bike lanes.

I think a simple cleaning would go a long way!

I hear you.  I usually ride in on Milwaukee, but the construction forced me to take an alternate route.  I rode in on Elston this morning and found the protected lane southbound to be patched with very rough concrete in many places.  How do contractors or utility companies get away with patching a hole so roughly and not even smoothing it out?

Northbound just south of Fullerton and then again north of Western has some ridiculous asphalt patches. Someone clearly threw lumps of asphalt over holes and did nothing to flatten it out.

that sounds like the contractor People's Gas uses. every time i see People's Gas cutting up the street those mounds show up, and i only see those mounds where people's Gas has been.

I'm not a fan of the new protected lanes on Elston.  It was just fine as it was.  Now when it floods in the underpass north of Milwaukee or in the northbound lane north of Division, you can't go around it due to the barrier. You really have to be looking ahead.

But they should have fixed the pavement during the work. It was, and still is, the same problem in the short protected lane on Division between Orleans and Clybourn.

They also need to mark the new curbs with reflective paint. They're hard to see in low light.

I ride that lane and assume some car is like: "Oh good. They really improved the Throw-Your-Modelo-Bottles-Here lane."


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