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Why is no one saying "to your left" anymore on LST? Can we all start that again? Thanks!

Seems like I haven't heard a single person say this as they pass me this summer but I always say it. It helps all our safety right? 

Can we collectively start doing this again?

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Don't feel bad.  People need to learn to approach the bike lanes like they would any street, and not just wander out in the middle when oncoming traffic is approaching.  There have been several times I have rung my bell in the Dearborn lane in the Loop when approaching an intersection.  During the times when it did not get someone's attention and they were in my path, I was forced to yell WATCH OUT! at the top of my lungs.  Each time, that seemed to do the trick and prevent an accident.

The problem is that many of those people do approach the bike lanes like they would any street, they just wander into the middle of traffic.

But, yes, loud works every time. It might be considered rude, but it's less rude than just wandering around as if "there ain't nobody here but me".

A couple of days ago i was closely passed twice by riders who didn't announce themselves. i'd might never have known they were there but for the distinctive rattle of their carbon fiber tri-bikes. Seriously, folks, don't rely on the whoosh of your tyres or the buzzing of your cassettes to announce your presence.

I must not have passed you yet!  I always calmly call out to each cyclist I pass on the LFT.  The one thing I notice is I hardly get any "thank you's" in return anymore.  It used to be about 50%, now it's maybe once or twice all week.  Makes it seem like those getting passed don't care or appreciate it like they used to.  I definitely have notice diminished courtesy on the LFT as everyone is in their own world.

Thank you :)

Not only on the LFT, sadly, but in society in general.

i do try to thank folks for announcing themselves.

I'm not always great about it, but I definitely experience many responses when I do. I don't ride like a crazy person either, so I'm always prepared to stop when people inevitably pull in front of me.

I actually yell "ding! ding! ding! on your left!"

Gets people's attention and some times, laughs. 

I like that!  Hilarious and fun.

I've given up on the LFT as a sane place to ride and expect chaos whenever I'm on it unless I'm riding there during non-peak / non-beach hours.  Off peak hours tend to be the most civil.  Mostly I use the bell to pass.  "On your left" still seems to work as well.

If you include Left (or right), you have about a 1 in 4 chance of them moving in that direction.  I just use Passing and they should know to hold their line.

I've heard quite a few but more often I hear the music from bluetooth or a bell,sometimes a yo! or when I'm passing I usually say "no your other left!"


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