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As a daily bike commuter on the lakefront path on and off for years, I've often felt insulted by how long serious life-threatening surface condition problems are allowed to persist.  It feels like despite tens of thousands of daily users, we're just those little cyclist people.  Meanwhile just a fence-width away on lakeshore drive such dangers would never be left to fester so.

This year in particular though the problems are so egregious and dangerous, some now months old, I felt something had to be said.

I've tried the 311 app for several problems such as a specific huge pothole, and a boulder on the path (too large for one person to move, a construction crew left it there), and gotten "the problem has been resolved" messages back a few days later, with nothing actually done.  The boulder one I even resubmitted, and got the same reply again, though it's still there.

I figured next step is contact the appropriate agency directly, but not sure who that is.

Can perhaps an Active Trans rep followup and pester the city on behalf of this lifetime members?

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Water was pooled all the way to the top of the lip on Sunday afternoon.  It was gone by Monday morning.  Hopefully there is some drainage mechanism designed into this or it will create more hazards when it freezes.

Park District takes care of trail, construction is usually contracted out and takes ages to assess, bid, accept, perform work.... Contact alderman and let them know of problems, via phone or email.

WooHoo! The plan has become clear.  Oak Street Bend's upper lane has been buttressed and filled. 

They also repaved the segment further south that I reported at start of thread.  Almost done in under two months.  Just the pothole at Goethe and the boulder north of Fullerton to go.

I appreciate the effort made here -- by slightly elevating the top portion, it's preventing a small amount of waves from reaching the upper portions. How much of a difference that makes remains to be seen.

The liability nerd in me is hoping that the park district paints the edge of that lip a bright, day-glo yellow and maintains it going forward.

Is the dark portion in the photo asphalt instead of concrete, or is it a shadow from the LSD wall?

They would be wise to put some small plastic bollards along the curb, and a few leading up to warn people.

I'm assuming they'll paint it in some way.  It's less than a day old still.  Yes, it's asphalt.

They did a great job. The LFT is nice and smooth all the way from the museum campus to Ardmore and the Navy Pier flyover is coming along, as well. By this time next year we should be able to use it. 

You can bet Hizzoner will be there for the inauguration. I suggest we invite John Kass and present him with the world's coolest bike as a token of our friendship.

2017 anyone? We can do this!

I thought the concrete lip was a smart idea. A few years ago, when the path just north of Oak Street beach was torn up by a huge storm, most of the damage was done by waves that lifted up the asphalt from the edge that faced the lake. The concrete lip should do a lot to mitigate this effect.  

They did the same thing further up the trail in the past few days, just south of the recently completed reroute at Fullerton.

They first cut a deep slot, then rebarred, so that edging has roots.  Months ago I was so worried that there was no easy solution.  Now I have high hopes.


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