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I was out riding, and my bars were looking and feeling pretty I stopped and picked up some bar tape. They didn't have orange, so I got white. Needless to say I was disappointed by the result....



epic fail....

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Did you also grow six inches? I see you've raised your saddle.

I kinda like the white, though.
HAHA! No. The before picture was taken immediately after I put it together, and hadn't adjusted anything.
Problem with the white is that it gets dirty... immediately. But, sometimes its more important to color coordinate. I like both. The white is a little less flashy and more sophisticated... as sophisticated as color matched bar tape can make a bike.
Seconded. Match the saddle or have some other color coordination (rims). My white grips are filthy, but it's a sign that I ride and ride all over my grips (depending on the ride type). For instance, I plan to dirty my drops some more early in the mid-morning tomorrow.

M.A.R.K. said:
Looks better then the orange.
I think the white looks good, more put-together than the orange. Throw in a set of white sidewall tires and it'd start looking pretty sharp.

+1 on white gets dirty fast.
I have white and I love it. It matches my white saddle and rims, and I clean all three slightly obsessively. If you're prepared for that, then stick with the white. It looks more pulled together.
bar tape should be your last concern dude.
I vote for white. Pristine, sophisticated, and old school as well as coordinated. While it does get dirty its nothing a little Green Clean bike cleaner can't cope with.
AHG! Then I need to paint my wheels or
Now what you really needed if you were going to go with the white tape, is the glow in the dark tape! I have some waiting for my bars when I get sick of the green I currently have on there, can't wait to test it out ;o)
White Fizik tape cleans up nicely.
I used to use white (Pearl Izumi greptile) - it is impossible to keep clean.

now I have a BLACK steering wheel cover (works great) on my bullhorn bars and love it. bought it at a
garage sale for $1.00. never shows dirt either.




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