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Where can i find those stretchy lights you can wrap around your tubes?

Does anyone know what the rubber lights are called? They might be LED and i know they come in different colors but i can't find them anywhere online. Is there anywhere i can maybe find these in sets so can can put them on all my bikes?

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Do you mean the Knog Frog lights? They are available online in all kinds of colors. Like here
your the man! been looking for this for too long
Yojimbos garage be selling these.

alex said:
your the man! been looking for this for too long
I"ve seen them at Rapid Transit, and Upgrade Cycle works.

I'm not exactly sure if its the same brand though
damn i was hoping they'd be cheaper. $10 to $15 wtf?
Yeah they are not cheap but they are great lights...Small and waterproof, great for being seen but not so great at lighting up your path. If you use them on the flash mode they last a quite a while too...Also they are small enough that when you place them smartly they are not likely to get stolen...

those aren't a bad product, but i would really suggest you look into a more serious red light for the rear, and maybe knog frog for the white in front.

these things save your life
Yeah i usually use bigger rear lights but i'm looking at these as backups and for aesthetics. I want to create sort of a hover craft effect kind of how Vando has neon lights on his road bike but a little more toned down.
I bought my Knog lights from Roscoe Village Bikes.
Altho not as interesting, the Cateye lights on stretch cords are far more visible from distance for a comparable price.
Just chiming in with my opinion, but having a powerful front light is far more important than rear. Getting hit from behind is pretty rare, especially in urban areas, although very deadly. Aspire to 1 strong headlight, a planet bike Superflash in the rear and Frogs for effect/backup.

BTW, these use watch type CR2032 batteries. These are raging expensive ($5) at Wal-drug, but I just bought 25 for $11 (shipping incl.) through a place on

Finally, I think these are inexpensive, versatile lights that put you in compliance with the laws and it's cool to see hipsters getting lit.


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