We Had A Great Turn out for the Ides of March Ride.
18 riders, men and woman, only two Chainlinkers.

Next Sunday look as of now a green light in the morning for good weather with maybe a shower in the afternoon.

Whos In ?

See Calender
[url] http://www.thechainlink.org/events/the-st-patricks-day-ride [/url]

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I look to pull out of Wauconda at 9am.
As I will ride from LZ @ 8:20 am to Wauconda High School.
You can pull off a registration form off their website.
[url] http://www.wheelmen.com/patsreg.htm [/url]
I'll have to eeny, meeny, mynee, moe on which bike I'll be bringing but I'll be there.

Mike Bullis said:
I'll have to eeny, meeny, mynee, moe on which bike I'll be bringing but I'll be there.
i counted three, possibly five CLers... but i had a better view from off the back :-P...

"Hey, i'm not dropped, i'm ridin' sweep!"

See ya next w/e.
After two plane rides that got me to Oakland, CA today, I've had plenty of time to decide and I think I'll ride the Robin Hood. We'll see how well a 59 year old SA hub holds up
Unless the weather is down right nasty, I will be there. Should be a small group of us from BCLC there. I think we plan on pushing off about 9 am.
I'm in.
I'll be there, my brother Kevin is coming out again. is that Lazy VJ going to be riding ass end i mean sweep.
Looks To Be A BIG GREEN Light in the weather Department.
Last time it was this nice for The St Pats Ride they had the biggest Registration Ever.
See you all Sunday in Wild Riding attire

A great day for a ride. Great ride.

I don't know what the turnout was, but I had a blast.
Had fun. First time on a bike in two weeks and I survived. The ancient AM hub developed a nasty habit of slipping in low gear but we both muddled through. Would have liked to have met whoever was riding the brown, seventies Raleigh Super Course.


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