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I'll be riding from Logan Square to the International Pillow Fight Day (this Saturday at 2 pm...see the event listing on the Calendar!)  I'll be getting to the Square itself at 12:30 pm to meet anyone who wants to ride to the fight together (see event for Milwaukee Express times). 

I'm just not sure of the best way to stow a bunch of pillows?  I don't have a trailer.  Just a backpack that could probably handle two.  But I want to bring at least 6.  Any thoughts?  How do you all carry your pillows when riding to your local pillow fight?

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strap them to the backpack via bungee
Stack them on your rack and bungie them down?
or tape a bunch of pillows to yourself, and if anyone asks (which im sure they will) just give some crazy story of being made of glass or just start growling like a monster...whatever story you wish.
Maybe stuff them into a trash bag and bungee that to your backpack?
Stuff it under your shirt and then pat it while making one of those comments, that makes everyone uncomfortable, about it being a fuel tank for a love machine. **Shudder**
I'm taking the track bike most likely. I might take my conversion, which I have a rack and mounts for. I also might take a tall sweet lady bike I like to ride sometimes. Long story short...I'm not sure what I'm riding yet, but I will be riding with pillows. ;)
you can get those space bags from walmart, you roll the air out of the pillow and it will compress to a fraction of the size
I vote you stuff em in a garbage bag an just use that. good luck
Seems like a TallBike would have enough room along the frame to do bungee or duct tape thing for the extra pillows, but why carry so many? i'd think that about 30 seconds into the melee you could gank an extra pillow or three...
you should have borrowed my trailer..... so , can we get a summary?
Alright, so I'm curious. What is the best way to carry a pillow while riding a bike?


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