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So I had to replace my helmet. Now i want to do something with the old one and want some creative ideas. This was the helmet that protected my noggin through a hit and run And when the Crazy, Old, Chick turned me into a hood ornament. I'm loving this helmet and want to give it a good send off. Only idea i had was during the next Marauders ride where there might be a bonfire I would toss it in but that doesn't seem like enough....Lemme know your ideas... ;-)

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Car, tire, CRUSH!
Rig it with fireworks and blow it up!!!
I guess I don't understand your question. Did your 'old' helmet go bad? I don't get it.
His helmet was compromised when he was hit by a car. When you have a heavy impact on a helmet, it's no longer safe to wear.
They make great hanging planters, we have a couple in the shop.

Or maybe salad/chips bowl for your next party?

thought the fireworks idea does seem the best!
Ice Bucket.
i'd say mount it and hang it on the wall. make it a trophy of sorts...
I like the planter idea — although, blowing it up sounds like fun too.
I am a federally licensed pyrotechnician.
Yes I get paid to light off fireworks!!!
I think I have some sqibs and primer cord lying around the house some where
Well Chuck I think we should combine your squibs and primer cord with a Midnight Marauders Ride! ;-) Lemme see if that's cool with Martin. ;-)

I would mount it but don't have the room in the house...I would do a planter but the plant would be dead inside of 10 seconds. I'm not giving it to someone to practice's literally coming apart. Ruining someone elses blender seemed liked fun but who volunteers to have their blender ruined? ;-) It would be a leaky ice bucket. ;-) And I'm not putting chips inside of something my head's been in when it's 100 degrees. ;-)

Couldn't run it over with a car...It lived through that twice...Served me well. ;-)
I think everyone should check out that kangaroo connection link! Very good stories! ;-) Still not puttin' food inside my sweaty helmet. ;-) I'm gonna get some industrial scissors and cut the little character that's on my helmet out and with the Marauders blessing and Chuck's help we will give it a modified viking funeral. ;-)


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