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Riding home today, I saw this at the Lakeshore Bike shed by the tennis courts:

You can't really see the display on the right, but the power was still on in the vending machine, and there's still some merchandise in the machine.

ISTR that several bikes were also stolen from this LSB location in the past year.

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Everyone thinks that the LFP is the safest place to ride.  Not so.  In many years of city riding, much of it late night, some in fairly sketchy neighborhoods, the LFP is the only place I have been assaulted.  As an experienced city rider, I mostly stay off the Lakefront Path.

At least 90% of all the people are good people no matter what other category they may fall into. Unfortunately we do have to spend a fair amount of time, money & effort dealing with that lesser percent.

While that part of the LFP is very nice during the day, the parking lot is a popular hangout for gangbangers at night.

I believe auto racer, land speed record holder, and parts manufacturer Mickey Thompson was assassinated by a person(s?) on a bike.

Bike-by shooting, um yes:

Not to mention a ton of bank robbers leaving by bicycle.

"What's Wrong with Some People?"

Poverty, drug addiction, abusive upbringings, and so on, and so on....

and still, 90% of those folks are OK for the most part....



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