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I ride Loomis from Archer-ish to Blue Island every day, and the bike lanes - as well as the bike route signs along the road - disappeared when the road was resurfaced last year.

I checked in with the Chicago Bike Program in March on their facebook page and they said this: "Yes they will striped soon. They are being included in a group of locations to be upgraded this summer" - but - summer's over - no striping!

Plus, the volume of traffic has increased a LOT in that time, in a way that seems to suggest it's been discovered by Waze as an alternative to Ashland? Halsted? - but - we need bike lanes more than ever on that stretch. 

anyone experiencing the same thing, or have any idea what's going on, or suggestions for what we might do about it?

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When the Halsted lanes were initially striped, there were many bollards between 26th St. and Cermak, including the bridge.


Most were hit by cars. Some were removed for winter snow removal and then never replaced.


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