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Comedy Central runs Weird Al's - The Apocalypse Tour, tomorrow night on Comedy Central.. Hopefully it will be fantastic, and will hopefully run unedited at a later date. Comedy Central really pisses me of in that sense, where they run unedited versions late, late at night.  Who doesn't love that guy though? He is fantastic! And a fantastic show(unedited). A staple for sure growing up with Dr. Demento's airtime in the Chicago area in the late night Sunday hours.


Then, the triumphant return of Beavis And Butt-Head in the end of October.. Fantastic! I put the ambition @ number Two, maybe Three, in the list falling behind the return of Futurama back on TV. Their first attack, Jersey Shore.. Say what you will about Mike Judge, I have opinions of my own, I can't wait.

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Right on, Mark.  Dare to be stupid.

I can't wait to start fires and blame the media for it.




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