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Wedding Couple looking to borrow/rent Tandem bike for a day or two..

Hi all, 

My partner & I are getting married! We of course called off our ceremony/reception. But we are still having our parents together with us for a dinner & pictures. 

We are looking to borrow or rent a Tandem bike for a "Just Married" joy ride and photos. We would happily compensate anyone that would let us barrow/rent a tandem. 

I haven't had any luck with any of the traditional methods of renting a tandem bike. Bobby's Bike Hike downtown is the only spot I have found one, and we are looking for more of a classic tandem bike for some cool pictures. 

Can anyone here help me out? 

Thanks for reading and sharing! 


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How tall are you and spouse to-be?

Thanks for the reply, Sam. 

My spouse and I found one on craigslist...which will likely be available for rent or sale after we use it this weekend..

In case anyone reading this wants to rent out a tandem bicycle.




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