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Earth Day is next Thursday, April 22, come do your part and lets clean the streets.
People have been complaining about our messy streets, and the lack of street cleaners...
Well stop complaining and do something!

In this spirit, we're gonna do an old-fashioned litter pick-up. To clean Ukrainian Village, we'll meet at the corner of Damen and Erie at 6:30 sharp so we can get the most out of
the sunlight hours left after the work day (whatever that is). We'll work until
it gets too dark and then we'll retire to my place for a beer or two.

"But Ukrainian Village isn't my neighborhood." you say? Well, litter is amazingly aerodynamic, so today's Ukrainian Village shit can be in your yard
tomorrow. So c'mon!!!

If you'd like to do this in YOUR area instead, add a comment for people to get in touch with YOU and you guys can take it from
there. There WILL be an "West of Western Ave."
clean up the same time, meeting near Potomac and California.  Contact me if you need the info for the Humboldt Park clean up.

See you then!

Object Decomposition Time
Styrofoam container > 1 million years
Plastic jug 1 million years
Aluminum can 200-500 years
Disposable diaper 550 years
Tinned can 90 years
Leather shoe 45 years
Wool sock 1 year
Paper bag 1 month
Banana peel 3-4 weeks

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That's what I pay real-estate taxes for, no? To fund the street sweepers?
Okay, then sit back, keep paying your taxes, keep complaining, and watch the streets pile up with crap.
Your choice


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