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Yeah, read the title, then look outside, then read the title again.

I'm not a huge fan of rainpants, or waterproof/breathable pants. Perhaps its my giant ass or something, but they never fit right, I get really hot, and they never fit right. I usually use military surplus pants in the winter, and long undies if it gets really cold.

Then I got to thinking...while riding, if my legs below the knees get wet, I don't notice it much. But I sure do notice when my thighs get wet, esp from snow in the winter. It gets downright freezing. 

Along the lines of wearing cut off shorts with long undies while riding...are there such things, or am I going to have to just take some cheap rainpants and cut them off? Has anyone experimented with this, or should I ask to have the thread deleted so I can start selling you guys bike chaps?

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I see that Showers Pass makes a pair of convertible rain pants...anyone?

I've been using this and this, both by Chrome. Kinda pricy, but I got one on the s.c. Black Friday, and another in discontinued color, which is now on final sale. These knickers are water resistant (so if you're out in the rain for several hours, your thighs will be wet), and dry quickly.

These may be just what you're looking for.

You're not a construction worker or a policeman are you?

I've used similar thing, called Rainlegs. Unfortunately, not very good quality. Hopefully, Rainmates are better.

Kevin C said:

These may be just what you're looking for.

You're not a construction worker or a policeman are you?

Awesome thread! Thanks Adam! Most of the time when riding in the rain, the tops of my thighs are the only part of my legs that get very wet and as the Rainmates copy notes, regular rain-gear can be brutally hot. What's the point of wearing something to keep you dry when it makes you sweat so much that you end up just as wet?

I have the Showers Pass Club Convertible pants. They Keep me warm for my winter rides with just a pair of thermals underneath on coldest days.

My favorite except for two things:

1. They're too baggy on the waist, so makes it hard for me to lift up my leg over my bike to get on my saddle

2. These are meant to go on top your pants, but really tight fit on the thighs so adjusting the pants become difficult if I had another pair of pants underneath.

I'd recommend going with a true size and these alone with no other pants (maybe thermals)

Rainmates and Rainlegs...OMFG that's it right there. Someone has already designed and marketed the rain chap. Looks like my niche bike industry dreams are dashed. 

Those Chrome items are nice, but they are pricey, and there's no way I could get those things around my fat ass. Not all daily commuters are beanpoles, Chrome.

I looked at the Shower Pass, and they look decent, but I'm looking for something that slips over my existing pants, which it sounds like these aren't very good for.

No I'm not a cop or construction worker. I have a pair of Sheriff brown military surplus pants whose blend of 65/35 poly cotton make them very weather resistant, and some 50/50 nylon/cotton OD Vietnam pants. They make for lovely winter outerwear, and are usually $30 or less/pair. You can cut them off at just below the knee reinforcement for some lovely knickers, too. I was looking at some heavy duty construction worker stuff, but that'd make no sense for biking. 

Thanks for the help dudes. The two pair of chaps look REALLY nice, and are cheaper than I thought they'd be.


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