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Was...Good Ol' Fashioned Summer Picnic. Now: Ice blocking xtravaganza

Just wondering if anyone would be up to go to or help organize a big summer picnic?  This beautiful weather makes me want to get outside!


I'm thinking get a group of bikers (and our non-biker friends), set up at a park (maybe Humboldt or Montrose Harbor) and do the typical summer picnic stuff:  Grill, water balloon contest, eat potato salad, play volleyball, go ice blocking, generally hang out.


Let me know if there is any interest, if you'd want to help out, what you could bring (activity-wise).  Also throw out good dates.  I'm thinking Sunday afternoons will be good.  Maybe July 11 or July 25?



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Montrose is better for me, I just put together nice trailer as well. Ready when you are. 773-343-4500. M
montrose for me as well... i've got the surfboards, hammocks and a grill or two.
Sounds like it'll be montrose ;-)

I've got frisbees, bocce ball, paddle ball...

July 11th is better for me.

Count me in!!!
Montrose on 7/11 works best for me and I'm willing to help with setup, cleanup and anything else needed...
I would be interested, but I won't know if I'm available until closer to the date. I don't have any picnic toys, but I'm happy to bring food.
great idea Jamie - I also vote for July 11 to not conflict with RAGBRAI
July 11 would work for me. I'lll happily bring some yummy food.
Okay. I'll put on a calendar event for July 11 at Montrose Harbor. We'll save July 25th as a rain date. I'll plan on bringing my trailer with some camp chairs, ice blocks and coolers, a watermelon, kites....and of course, balloons.

Does anyone have a folding table or two that we could borrow for the food? I can transport with my trailer.

Any suggestions on start time? I know it's kind of popular place and we may want to get there a little early to reserve a spot...thoughts?
Montrose for me too.
I got some nerf footballs too, we just need the flags and we can play some football.
I posted the event and am waiting for approval. I put the start time as 1 pm--I plan on being there for a while
Here it is!


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