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I rode from Evanston up to Highwood/Fort Sheridan this morning.  As I arrived at University Ave and Old Elm, there was a group of perhaps five people getting ready to turn left.  Just as I turned right I noticed that one of the riders was wearing a Chainlink jersey.  Was that you?  You were all chatting, so I decided to just keep moving.

Where does one get a Chainlink jersey?


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Lisa, sometimes measuring a jersey you already own and fits you well is easier... good luck 

Lisa,   If you want to on my medium for size we can meet this weekend.

Lisa Curcio 4.1 mi said:

Are those sleeve lengths right?  Unless I am doing the conversion incorrectly the sleeve length on the small is about 30".  My inseam is not even 30"!  That is going to be a lot of rolling up.

Who makes the jerseys?

Elves, DOH  look at your calendar

Elves and portland cyclewear.

Just wanted to note that Julie had one for me to try for size, and I found that it is a very soft wool and very comfy.

What about the arms' length?

I tried a medium, which is too big for me.  The small will fit in the body.  Sleeves will be long, but not unmanageably long.  Probably will just roll them back a little bit.

J.A.W. said:

What about the arms' length?

So we did some measuring of the sleeves - The measurements of the sleeves are from the bottom of the collar down.  Not the seam.  

             Chest Sizing                  Jersey length back          Long sleeve length                    

S -        32-34"  85cm                            25"  63cm                               76cm             

M -        36-38"  93cm                            27.5"   70cm                           79cm               

L -         39-41"  100cm                          28"    71cm                             81cm                  

XL -       42-45"  108cm                         28.5"   72cm                            84cm                  

XXL -    46-48"  116cm                        29.5"   75cm                             87cm                 

I got one a year ago and love it. 

I got into two conversations at a Christmas eve party simply because of my Chainlink jersey. One was with a fellow cyclist and another asking about riding in the winter. 'Tis the only item in my wardrobe I get comments on. You can order one here.

Do I need more cold weather gear? No.  Do I wear logoed shirts and stuff?  No.  Did I buy an Chainlink Jersey?  YES!  Will I wear it during appropriate weather, on and off the bike?  YES! 

I feel I should support The Chain Link because I get value from The Chain Link, I get enjoyment from the Chain Link ,and I get information from the Chain Link.  I want it to stay around while I'm still riding in Chicago.

That's why I dropped the cash.


My story and I'm sticking to it.




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