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I rode from Evanston up to Highwood/Fort Sheridan this morning.  As I arrived at University Ave and Old Elm, there was a group of perhaps five people getting ready to turn left.  Just as I turned right I noticed that one of the riders was wearing a Chainlink jersey.  Was that you?  You were all chatting, so I decided to just keep moving.

Where does one get a Chainlink jersey?


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+1 to this! Sizing is always such a crapshoot.

Michael A said:


We also talked about having a sample size kit available for us to try on so we make sure we get the right sizes.


I am DEFINITELY in for 1!! 

I'm in for 1 for sure maybe 2 if we can pick the style long sleeve and short.

Long sleeves are great over a layer or two, under a layer or two

+1 on the shirts.

In for 1

I would like 1 long sleeve loose fit wool shirt xxlg

and 1 short sleeve loose fit wool shirt xxlg

I have been looking for license plates but finding something not for 4 yr old timmy is a lttle harder to do.

JImmyD - I do have a stack.  Lets meet up soon and I'll get you a couple. 

JimmyD 3.75 mi said:

I'm interested in the jersey as well!

I've always wondered... are there Chainlink stickers available? At the Bike Week rally, I thought I picked up a couple CL stickers, only to realize they were bookmarks. I would happily put a Chainlink sticker on my helmet or bike depending on the size of the sticker.

I like this idea a lot.  It does complicate things a bit since we are dealing with a whole bunch of products and they have minimums, etc.  But yes, I'm getting the info from a few companies that do this sort of thing and will report back next week. 

Michael A said:

I talked to Julie about this the other day, she is looking into a new vendor that would allow you to pick your own items, long sleeve, short sleeve,sleeveless, club cut, race cut, jackets, wind vests, base layers, ect in   men's or ladies. We would get a special password to shop on the site, pay for our own items up until the deadline (whatever she wants to do) and then they would all be bulk shipped to one location. We also talked about having a sample size kit available for us to try on so we make sure we get the right sizes.  So the process has started and she will give us the details when they become available.

Yes I would like to order one. Joe Beemster

count me in for a short sleeve lg wool jersey if those are ever re ordered!

Sounds good! XXXL, though...


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