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I rode from Evanston up to Highwood/Fort Sheridan this morning.  As I arrived at University Ave and Old Elm, there was a group of perhaps five people getting ready to turn left.  Just as I turned right I noticed that one of the riders was wearing a Chainlink jersey.  Was that you?  You were all chatting, so I decided to just keep moving.

Where does one get a Chainlink jersey?


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That wasn't me in The Chainlink jersey, but it soon will be! My order is in and I'm considering riding shirtless until it arrives - yeah right.

Can't wait to see (and be seen in) these new threads!

Thanks Julie!

Not exactly the best time of the year to be buying a rather expensive "gift" for myself, but as I started the thread and can use a second wool jersey, I felt somewhat obligated, so I just pulled the trigger. Julie, what's the tally so far? 

Last count i heard was 16. That was earlier today (1230-ish)... looks like there are now a couple more. Yeah, it was a pricey gift to myself, but you can never have enough wool jerseys now, can you?


Okay, let's get some more. Pony  up!

17 with skip! 3 to go with about 60 hours left to get there. I think we will have to do a wool jersey ride this spring :))

When the magic # is reached everyone can sing merry christmas to me ( as in yourself not me ) to the music of happy birthday

18 with bob!

Rich S and AM have also expressed interests.
And I think Rich might have purchased it as well

Very excited to hear these jerseys are on the way! Ordered mine a few days back. I got the same one from the same maker a few months ago (minus the wonderfulness of the Chainlink logo), and it has made a huge difference in keeping me toasty the last few weeks. I never thought I'd be a woolhead, but this sweater is simply marvelous.

Don't forget the entertainment provided by the forum discussions! Sometimes helps to get thru a long work day. 

Ordered mine yesterday. Can't wait to get it! 

BikeBoy5 said:

Do I need more cold weather gear? No.  Do I wear logoed shirts and stuff?  No.  Did I buy an Chainlink Jersey?  YES!  Will I wear it during appropriate weather, on and off the bike?  YES! 

I feel I should support The Chain Link because I get value from The Chain Link, I get enjoyment from the Chain Link ,and I get information from the Chain Link.  I want it to stay around while I'm still riding in Chicago.

That's why I dropped the cash.


My story and I'm sticking to it.



Just ordered mine!  We should be pretty close now. Start thinking about that group ride.

Yay, we should have enough by now :)



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