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I rode from Evanston up to Highwood/Fort Sheridan this morning.  As I arrived at University Ave and Old Elm, there was a group of perhaps five people getting ready to turn left.  Just as I turned right I noticed that one of the riders was wearing a Chainlink jersey.  Was that you?  You were all chatting, so I decided to just keep moving.

Where does one get a Chainlink jersey?


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I'm in for one. And I also want that sweater! :)

Any updates?

Waiting on one more quote and word back on sponsorship.

thanks Julie!

Temps are dropping (a bit) and I've got cooler weather on my mind - just wanted to give this a bump.

Still interested in purchasing a Chainlink jersey/sweater...

Thanks Julie!

Missed this the first time around, and also interested in ordering something - poly jersey or wide variety - either way would be cool!

Is this group buy still up?

Julie is away until the end of the month.  She was working on a way for us to order Chainlink stuff, and I think she will take up where she left off when she gets back.

Me too, a Large please

I would love to get one!

Today, at about 5:10 p.m. on the northbound LFP just north of Belmont, a rather tall fellow wearing a lovely Chainlink jersey passed me.  Was it you? 


Any news on this front? Still interested in a CL jersey, or given the changing weather, something warmer...


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