Hi folks I wanted you to be aware of a repair mishap I went through that may have caused some serious pain that I wouldn't want anyone to go through. Over a year ago I cross thread my crank arms on two occasions ( I know I'm a dork-thread them with your hand first). the bike in question is my warm weather bike. I sustained a foot injury last year that was a mystery but mostly recovered. then this spring after a tour I had left knee soreness .I took time off and then built up my mileage to 160 only to suffer right knee soreness . Frustrated I went to Turin for a RAD fit. Only the fitting didn't happen because one of my pedals seemed to be a quarter of an inch farther out than the other. The mechanic and the sales person -fitness expert couldn't figure out this discrepancy  . I had a guy who works for SRAM look at my bike and he said helicoiling was the problem. Basically he said that no mechanic can hand tap a crank arm perfectly perpendicular. A milling machine is required. So I have purchased a new crank set. A hard lesson learned that I wanted to share with the Chainlink.

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No one said or implied that he did.

We all said he was full of total and complete bunk when he told you that you could not hand drill and tap threads.

He was lying to you to get you to buy new parts.

jonathan said:
I didn't say the SRAM GUY DID THE REPAIR. You could be right about the tap depth. two different shops did the repairs.The Pony shop did the first helicoil. I was on the ridding near Performance when the second crank unraveled so I just dropped the bike off with them. Johnny Sprockets had sold me the crank set originally and offered me a new one for 230. I walked away from that offer and found a new giga pipe truvativ crank set on E-bay for 87 bucks


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