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Hello all

The wife is in need of a ride for the summer and a mixte would be sweet. She's going to need a small frame, something to fit a 5'4" young lady. So if ya got something your looking to let go let me know.


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i'm 5'2" and had great success with vintage bikes which are smaller (time to check out working bikes before the summer rush!).  i just got myself a torker graduate which fits great, but is an ugly silver drab color with bubbly joints (?).  hate to be vain, but i love my vintage bike because of its good looks even if it weighs 50 lbs.  

Terrible Picture getting ready for the trek from St Louis back to Chicago after all the updates. But it is the most current.

1984-85 (ish) Fuji Sagres. I Have just updated the wheel set, tyres, brakes, rear gear (what is the proper name??) and a very little things.

I am 5'-1.5" but tend to ride bikes that are a little bigger that suggested for my height (49cm). 

My price is a little high(?) $200 because of everything I just put into it.

(Edit: This information was given before when I was getting ready to fix it up.

Probably a 19.5" Frame.

Also, the wheels went from steel to AL.)

actually, i think that's a reasonable price.  considering working bikes is usually around $120 without the new alum. wheelsets which can be quite expensive.  i'd snatch it up if i didn't just buy a bike.  rear gear (cassette?  derailleur?).

Cassette!! Duh! We didn't have the correct tools to get off the old one and chipped the old one... So I paid the bike shop $8 +part to put on the new one!

yai danche said:

actually, i think that's a reasonable price.  considering working bikes is usually around $120 without the new alum. wheelsets which can be quite expensive.  i'd snatch it up if i didn't just buy a bike.  rear gear (cassette?  derailleur?).

I don't have a pic of it, but I've got a blue Raleigh that's about a 19" frame mixte. It needs work. At minimum, a new saddle and new handlebar tape. Possibly new cables and new brake pads (haven't ridden enough to tell). I think it's from the late 70's/possibly early 80's. I'm motivated to get it out of my apartment.

Oh, man, there were some sweeeeet small mixtes at the bike swap! I'm too tall for all of them but I was drooling! Also, if Sue Clark's doesn't work, check CL and ebay but don't necessarily filter by mixte - some sellers don't mention frame type.

I agree that a search on mixte won't necessarily get good results. Some sellers think any step-through is a mixte. Others don't know the term so it's not used in the description.
Thanks for the info and searching CL is always a crap shoot but that's half the fun.

Sue shoot me a PM as I've got a question or two.


I have this Mikado mixte I'd like to sell. It's complete and rides and shifts, etc. $100 or so.


I have a 19 1/2 inch ladies Raleigh B-line 3speed from 1962, full chrome. Very nice chrome. Nice bike but if you park it anywhere I can guarantee it will be the first stolen. If you want something special and tweed it's for you. And it has the smaller, flatter North Roads bars the way they used to be which are great for smaller riders.

Thanks everyone. I'll run them by the wife sometime this week and see if any of them strikes her fancy.
If anyone else has a mixtie to get rid of post a picture or two.



I have a black Puch mixte that I am looking to sell. I dont have a pic yet, but will soon. I would guess late 70s early 80s vintage.

It has upright bars, Schwalbe tyres, black Planet Bike fenders and a black Brooks B17S saddle. I also fitted a modern rear rack, obscured by a vintage wicker basket. It looks very cool and is functional.

I built it up 2 seasons ago, but after my lady got injured it has not been ridden. I would say it has under 200 miles on it after its resurrection.

I am looking for $250 for it.




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