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If riding a bike to power a stage showcasing the diverse talents of a bluegrass band, a high school acapella group, a DJ and a few rappers sounds like a fun way to spend a Saturday morning, Climate Cycle is looking for volunteers for the time slots of 9AM-10AM and 10AM-11AM.

The stage is the festivities portion of Climate Cycle's fifth annual fundraising Ride to Recharge, a bike ride along the Chicago lakefront in support of environmental programing and infrastructure in area schools.

If you're interested, feel free to shoot me a message or you can email the volunteer coordinator, Matt at

It's going to be a fun event, projected lovely weather--and if not-- we've got you covered (literally, there's a tent) and volunteers get lunch. It would be cool to get some folks from The Chainlink involved!

More info on Climate Cycle on the net at

Event link on The Chainlink:

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Damn I'm playing in an Ultimate frisbee tournament that day. Sounds like fun.

Would love to help out but I too have a prior engagement, which starts at 10. Would be cutting it too close. Maybe next year!

Thanks for the interest! I'll try and get it on all of your radar earlier next year!

Are they not doing this on Sunday as well?

I'd be interested.....

Nah- it's a one day event! They have longer rides in August (to the Indiana Dunes) but no pedal powered stage.

Davo said:

Are they not doing this on Sunday as well?

I'll shoot you a message!

Katie said:

I'd be interested.....

What does this mean"

"riding a bike to power a stage"

does this mean being on a stationary bike with a generator on it or being on the path since nothing in any of the literature says anything about anything being bike powered. If so please explain.

I'm game as long as the bike sort of fits .




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