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Second Annual "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me" Taping- (11/10/11) EPILOGUE

The Chainlink block of 40 tickets were all disseminated and a good time was had by all (I think). Thanks to all who showed up. We'll have to do it again sometime.


Great panel and Carl and Peter were, well, Carl & Peter. The only surprise for me was that I would have thought Seth McFarlane would have been funnier. Don't forget to listen to the show on Saturday @ 10:00 am or download the podcast. It's always fun to try to hear yourself laughing. For those of you who didn't want to stand in line before the Carl Kasell autograph pillows sold out, they're available online.



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I and my wife (both members of the Chainlink, and she's absolutely nuts about "WWDTM") would be enthusiastic about joining this event.  We could do either 11/3 or 11/10, but would prefer the latter (11/10).  Please keep me posted.  Thanks!
Yes yes yes!
My wife and I would like to be part of this. Did it last year. Count us amoung those that had a good time!
I'm in

Dey and I will attend again as well. We are actually going to a taping this Thursday with some friends from Indiana.

I'm up for November 3rd.
The 10th please!!! Cause I'll be out of town for work on the 3rd.
My sweetie and I are both down for November 3.
I just spoke to the house manager, and there are, as of this moment in time, 124 remaining tickets for the 11/3 show. November 10th tickets go on sale this Friday, September 30th. I appreciate the responses so far, but an even split between the 3rd and 10th isn't helping any. There is still a 10% discount for groups of 40 or more (effective ticket price of $22.28 per), but unless there's a groundswell of interest, I'm a little reluctant to put out $891 for tickets in hopes of placing 40 of them. Any more interest?
A-Hem!!!!!! I think you might want to be heavily in favor of the 10th....

Cameron Puetz said:
While I hardly represent a groundswell of interest, I had a good enough time last that I'd do it again. Not to add to the indecision, but either day is good for me.
I'm In. Just give me notice.
Kevin, my parents are interested, so I'm in for 3 tickets to November 3rd.



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