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I did send a complaint to the FCC regarding the Waddle and Silvy Show and their take on "dooring" bicyclists.

The FCC stills sees it as protected speech under the First Amendment.  They did not see it as at the level of a "clear and present dangerof serious substantive evil".


Maybe we can file complains about them polluting the airwaves?


Nancy L. Fagin



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I have to agree with the FCC position.  It is protected speech even though it is hateful and mean.


Popular speech doesn't need Constitutional protection.   This doesn't make the Waddle and Silvy show any less slimy or the speech in this case any less offensive.  But it falls short of being a direct and actionable threat. There isn't any Consititutional protection against being offended.  If so I know of a whole bunch of stuff that should be censored -start with most of the religions in the world.  Those all offend me.


Complaints to the sponsors are probably the most effective free-market solution to this issue. 

Gabe started a thread on this here:


There's some good info there on what can be done as far as voicing your displeasure to sponsors, etc.

Many thanks to all that responded.  I did not hear the program myself, but was responding to the original notice of the broadcast.  Radio stations must keep open files of letters received about their broadcast; hopefully down the road someone will sit up and take notice of this program's direction.


Nancy L. Fagin 



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